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Accessibility Services

Accessible Documents

Access Ingenuity specializes in accessible document services. From accessible PDFs that comply with WCAG 2.0 AA or PDF/UA standards to MS Office and other formats, we can make your documents accessible, provide training or accessibility review services.

Accessibility Testing

We offer both Web and Mobile App Accessibility Testing. Our accessibility testing services rely heavily on both detailed code analysis as well as manual testing keyboard and screen reader testing to ensure the conformance to WCAG 2.0 AA standards.


Access Ingenuity provides training for organizations and end users. From training on screen readers, screen magnfiction, and voice recognition to courses customized to your organization on such topics as JAWS Testing for Developers, PDF Accessibility and Web Accessibility.

Assistive Technology Solutions


Assistive technology solutions include low vision magnification systems for the visually impaired, Braille displays, screen reading and screen magnification software, and scan and read solutions.


Assistive technology solutions include assistive listening and amplifiers that bring sound directly into the ear -- separating the sounds that a person wants to hear from background noise.


Assistive technology solutions include including voice recognition and word prediction software as well as ergonomics office solutions – especially ergonomic keyboards and mice.


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Services and Solutions

Access Ingenuity offers work-site evaluations, product sales, system integration and training to people with disabilities and disability support agencies throughout the U.S. We can advise, supply, and train our customers with products from across the industry.

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