Video Magnifiers

TOPAZ XL HD - High Definition CCTV 17" (20", 22", 24" and Camera Only Also Available)

TOPAZ XL HD - High Definition Desktop Video Magnifiers

The TOPAZ® XL HD uses a true high definition camera to produce the clearest, sharpest image and crispest text available.

This product cannot be sold outside California.

TOPAZ™ - XL LCD in 17" ( 20", 22" and 24" and Camera Only Also Available)

TOPAZ™ - XL computer-enabled models
This product cannot be sold outside of California.

TOPAZ™ - Standard LCD in 17", 20", 22" and 24" Monitor Sizes

TOPAZ™ - Standard LCD in 17", 20", 22" and 24" Monitor Sizes
This product cannot be sold outside of California.


Introduction of the Topaz EZ with a 20" wide screen LCD monitor.

This product cannot be sold outside of California.

GEM Software

With GEM™ 4.0 software, Freedom Scientific has added scanning and reading capability to the TOPAZ® XL HD.

This product cannot be sold outside of California.

ONYX™ Swing Arm for PC / ONYX Flex Arm for PC

ONYX™ Swing Arm for PC and ONYX™ Flex Arm for PC.
(Photo shows the ONYX Swing-arm magnifying a mathematical problem displayed on a whiteboard)

ONYX™ Flex Arm and ONYX™ Swing Arm

ONYX™ Flex Arm and ONYX™ Swing Arm.
These products cannot be sold outside Califoria.
(Photo shows ONYX Flex Arm magnifying wiring instructions.)

Rolling Cases for ONYX Desksets

Optional Accessory: Rolling carrying case with telescoping handle for 17-, 19-, and 22-inch models

ONYX Deskset XL (17", 19" 22" and 24")

Please call Access Ingenuity Customer Service for pricing on the XL 17" and XL 19".

The ONYX Deskset XL is an ideal “on-the-go” low vision solution for clear, powerful magnification that is portable, adaptable, and easy to use. It fits in any classroom, business, or home environment and moves from one viewing situation to the next as quickly as you do.
This product cannot be sold outside of California.

Sapphire Portable Video Magnifier

The most versatile on-the-go magnifier for low vision
Whenever and wherever you need a little help reading, SAPPHIRE is there to cover your magnification needs. Now you can read menus, verify store receipts, see details on maps, decipher bus and transit schedules - even read labels on over-the-counter medicines while at the drug store - with
one compact and versatile battery-operated magnification solution.

RUBY XL HD Handheld Video Magnifier

HD Magnification in an Ultra-Portable Package.

RUBY HD Handheld Video Magnifier

The RUBY HD handheld video magnifier combines high-definition camera technology with a lightweight body to bring you crystal-clear images in a small package. The 4.3-inch screen and built-in LED lighting provide magnified high-contrast images with no distortion.
The RUBY HD magnifies up to 13 times yet weighs only 8 ounces. Its streamlined design means it can slip comfortably into a pocket or purse, giving you easy access to photos, prescription labels, and much more.
Features at a Glance:
•4.3-inch (10.9 cm) widescreen LCD
•2x - 13x continuous zoom
•Fast reading with no distortion
•Lightweight design at only 8 ounces (227 grams)
•2-hour in-use battery life - uses rechargeable or disposable AAA batteries
•20 high-contrast color viewing modes
•Built-in LED lighting
•Freeze Frame with adjustable magnification
•Easy flip-out handle
•Slide Show mode
•Save up to 80 images and send to computer with USB

RUBY Handheld Video Magnifier

RUBY™ Handheld Video Magnifier
Freedom Scientific's smallest, most portable handheld magnification solution

For the many people who need help reading text and seeing details because of low vision, traditional magnifying glasses work only up to a point. The RUBY video magnifier takes handheld magnification to the next level and beyond. The RUBY’s 4.3-inch, full color, high brightness video screen makes it outstanding for reading bills and writing letters and checks. It is so small and unobtrusive that it easily slips into a pocket or purse as the perfect traveling companion for visiting the grocery store, the pharmacy, the bank, the library, bookstore, restaurant, or anywhere else.

The RUBY is easy to use for those who are unfamiliar with technology products. Just turn it on with one button, place it over an object, and adjust enlargement to your preference with the easy zoom button. The RUBY stays flat on the table or can be held over your reading with the fold-away handle. The magnified image or text appears in the display window. With only one button, you can adjust the screen from full color for viewing pictures to any of four high contrast text modes.

SenseView Portable CCTV Magnifier

SenseView Portable CCTV Magnifier: 4x to 22.5x
"Easily Read Small Print While You're on the Go"

RUBY Reading Stand

New Accessory - RUBY Reading Stand

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