Accessibility Evaluations & Testing

Access Ingenuity’s team includes experts who are screen reader users as well as web accessibility experts that have had extensive experience reviewing documents and websites.

DOCUMENT EVALUATION:Our team will evaluate your documents (PDFs, Word files, etc.) using the JAWS screen reader (or any preferred reader), automated accessibility checkers, and user testing.  We follow a specialized checklist that we have designed in-house and based on established accessibility standards to ensure accuracy and reliability.  The results of the evaluation are presented in a report with suggested implementation.

WEBSITE TESTING: Access Ingenuity’s user-focused approach to website testing is multi-pronged. In addition to using automated tools we emphasize thorough screen reader testing and detailed technical inspection by accessibility experts so as to ensure that the website will not only meet accessibility standards but will also be easy to use for people with disabilities.

Our website evaluation includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  • Screen Reader (JAWS and/or NVDA) testing of the site;
  • Code analysis;
  • Testing in multiple browsers, including mobile environments;
  • Color contrast and screen magnification analysis;
  • Keyboard accessibility analysis;
  • Verification of link destinations;
  • PDF Full Check in Acrobat Pro DC (for any linked PDF files).

Access Ingenuity will provide a confidential Accessibility Evaluation Report that will identify and report all of the encountered accessibility barriers. This report will provide information to help you remediate the key accessibility issues identified.  In addition, the report will focus on helping you gain a more thorough understanding of accessibility issues and potentially apply this knowledge to other sites.