About Us

Access Ingenuity was founded in January 2002, to provide accessibility services and solutions for people with disabilities and organizations that work with people with disabilities.

Our accessibility consulting services include document accessibility services (creation of accessible documents in PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, EPUB, Large Print, Braille and other formats), website and mobile app accessibility evaluations, as well as training and support on a variety of assistive technology — from the JAWS screen reader to voice recognition software.

Assistive technology solutions include low vision magnification systems for the visually impaired, Braille displays, screen reading and screen magnification software, scan and read solutions, as well as voice recognition and learning disability software.

Our services and solutions are backed by a highly experienced staff with over 40 years combined experience in accessibility and assistive technology. Many of our employees are also blind or visually impaired themselves and are expert assistive technology users.